Easy Installation

Just a few simple tools required!

Heat Resistant

Allows you to put appliances away while still hot!

Free Up Space!

A great idea to utilize unused cabinet space and free up counter-top space!
Great storage solution! Awesome product, installed easily, securely holds one blow dryer (on the left) and one curling iron and a 2 1/2″ flat iron too! (on the right side). Get one!
Grenics (Amazon Customer)
I installed in teenagers bathroom, mounting also a new plug directly under the cabinet on the back wall. Ran the power to a timer switch (same as the one used for the bathroom exhaust fan, with a 5/10/15/ … minute buttons), Timer switch is mounted in the top center of the opening. To turn on, the girls need to select a time by pressing a button. Now girls cannot leave hot curling iron on counter (auto shutoff is on my switch, not trusted to some flimsy 9.99 curling iron). All of their “stuff” is plugged in, but out of sight. Counter clear, no one plugging and unplugging equipment (with wet hands) and I know that it is really off.

Great product! And so far, not a single complaint by the teen. Will buy another one for our bathroom cabinet.

We have 3 sets of StowAway in our home, helping us free up our counters and drawers in our three bathrooms. This makes life with 8 people in the home a lot more organized!
Dawnette H.
This is a great design. I bought one, installed it in 10 minutes, my wife loved it so I bought another one. It was easy to install and is a great use of the dead space around a sink.
C. Dinan (Amazon Customer)
StowAway Products provides an ingenious solution for blow dryer and curling iron storage in your bathroom! Every bathroom needs this.
K. Hansen